Tribute to On (EyezMaze)

In the art of video-games, like many others, we look for inspiration from the games, movies, books we like. We take the best, get rid of the rest, and mix everything with other interesting concepts found here and there. Finally, we add our touch and balance everything to make the result consistent.

Today, Tabemasu Games would like to make a tribute tribute and thank the game that inspired Kawaii Killer, and also the developer behind it: On. You may not know this name (I can’t blame you), but you may know his site, EyezMaze, a collection of games On has made for more than 10 years.

The most well known game series he’s created is the Grow series. In these games, the gameplay is very simple: You have at your disposal a certain number of options, and you have to play them in the good order to win. But the magic comes from all the crazyness emanating from the game’s animations. You never know what will happen with a certain object before you use it. A bowl can turn into a futuristic vegetal spire building, while springs can transform into mushrooms when exposed to golden water. The solution to the puzzle comes by experimenting multiple orders, trying to understand the logic of all the possible interactions.

I recommend you to play the following versions, which are my favorites: Grow Cube and Grow RPG.

Tontie HammerBut Kawaii Killer has nothing to do with the Grow series! Another game has inspired us to create Kawaii Killer: Tontie Hammer (ver. 0).
Basically, it’s a Whack-a-mole game, in which creatures come out of the ground through 9 holes. To eliminate them, you must press the correct numeric key (e.g. 3 for the bottom-right hole). Obviously, this game is meant to be played with a numeric keypad, which every PC had back in the days this game was released (around 2004).

The first level is easy, enemies die with a single blow of your hammer, but the second level welcomes a new enemy, which has 2 health and must be tapped twice. And a new type of enemy will add to the others every time you finish a level. Some will require more hits, some will hurt you or steal your money if you hit them when you shouldn’t, etc. A special mention to the “numeric bubbles”, which require to press the number displayed on them instead of the number they are on. Nasty.

In Kawaii Killer, the game structure is very similar, a new creature joins the gang at every level, and the speed in each level increases with time. Basically, that’s it, but it’s the core of the gameplay. Apart of that, the enemies are quite different, because of the mobile platform we’re on. In Tontie Hammer, there is only one gesture: press the button, and the variety comes from the different number of HPs of each enemy and their patterns. In Kawaii Killer, we extended to many more: tap, slice, push, circle, tickle, tear apart, etc.

If you possess a numeric keypad, do not hesitate one more instant and try the game!

On, Thank you for your work. :)

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