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Kawaii Killer is back from Nîmes!

The Tabemasu Games team is back from the Pix & Tech festival, which took place in Nîmes, France, with the help of Events for Games. We received a lot of good vibes and love from all the players who tested Kawaii Killer. For an event such as this one, we obviously had to dress correctly: with […]

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Kawaii Killer trailer is out!

Here it is, the first trailer of Kawaii Killer! Get your weapons and be ready to smash, slice, saw, strike and hang the cute animals of the Kawaii Forest! Available on Android and iOS smartphone/tablet this summer. Do not hesitate to share this marvelous news with your friends (only if you’re not a member of […]

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Kawaii Killer: The bear

The bear is a dangerous animal, I assure you, he’s the most dangerous of all! Don’t be fooled by Winnie the Pooh, Teddy Bear or Baloo, each of whom appear to be nice. It’s only propaganda! If one day, you face a bear in Canada or get stuck in a cage with one, you won’t see a […]

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Kawaii Killer: the frog

Do you think it’s over for our courageous Davy? Not yet! Even though this game has Japanese influence, our french pride remains… so following some heavy rainfall, the Frog arrives! But what can Davy do to this one? He knows he must take care of the frog to keep his meat tender. But how can he do […]

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Kawaii Killer: The snake

Davy was only catching his breath when this bosss-sss-sss (hum, sorry, let’s try again…), when the forest guardian blocked his way: the Snake! Fast and sneaky, this one won’t let himself be hit by any weapon. Davy tried everything: the hammer, katana, chainsaw, shotgun… nothing worked, and he was losing all hope. That’s when he thought […]

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Kawaii Killer: The Alpha test session in numbers

During the cool months of January and February, 40 lucky hunters were invited to test Kawaii Killer, the game on tablets and smartphones. Needless to say that our kawaiinimals were not safe! 1,204 games were started, and 158 of them were finished. The FAP (Forest Animals Protection) is sad to announce the massacre of 300,000 […]

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Kawaii Killer: The Wolf

There are those who believe that our brave hunter Davy is the most evil being in the forest. It is said he loves violence and uses it without limits to kill defenceless animals with powerful weapons. “They’re wrong!”, claim our experts, Maester Perrault and Maester La Fontaine. In the woods, there is something far more evil than Davy, […]

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Kawaii Killer: The Raccoon

Now that Davy is deep in the woods, he wonders if there are any evolved creatures to slice here. He remembers a tale his grandfather used to tell when he was a child (it was yesterday). Deep in the woods, where no man has ever stuck around, lives a tribe of martial Raccoons. These creatures […]

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