Kawaii Killer is back from Nîmes!

Kawaii_Killer_Pix&TechThe Tabemasu Games team is back from the Pix & Tech festival, which took place in Nîmes, France, with the help of Events for Games. We received a lot of good vibes and love from all the players who tested Kawaii Killer. For an event such as this one, we obviously had to dress correctly: with Davy’s furry hat!

And because it was not enough love, the public also awarded Kawaii Killer the Originality Prize during the EFG_Awards!


Now it’s our turn to give you something in return: these exclusive Kawaii Killer animated gifs!

kawaii-killer_fox kawaii-killer_rabbit kawaii-killer_tortoise


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Kawaii Killer trailer is out!

Here it is, the first trailer of Kawaii Killer!

Get your weapons and be ready to smash, slice, saw, strike and hang the cute animals of the Kawaii Forest!
Available on Android and iOS smartphone/tablet this summer.

Do not hesitate to share this marvelous news with your friends (only if you’re not a member of an animal rights movement, otherwise please excure us for our bad sense of humour regarding cute animals, or get angry and let us be involved in a TV talk show about violent video-games!).

Here is the new website with the trailer: kawaii-killer.com !


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Kawaii Killer: The bear


The bear is a dangerous animal, I assure you, he’s the most dangerous of all! Don’t be fooled by Winnie the Pooh, Teddy Bear or Baloo, each of whom appear to be nice. It’s only propaganda! If one day, you face a bear in Canada or get stuck in a cage with one, you won’t see a cute animal, but a deadly one. And the worst bear of all lies in the forest, waiting for Davy. He observed our trapper since he left home, and will do everything he can to stop it. The bear puts on one of the best helmets from his private collection and goes out of his cave to greet Davy.


How can Davy kill this ultimate enemy? He tried all of his weapons, and none worked. “I know!”, said Davy, “I have to purchase a nuclear missiles on the internet!”. But we’re deep in the forest, and there’s no internet here… Davy’ll have to find another way. Why not this baseball bat, signed by Babe Ruth himself? Davy crushes the bat with all his strength on the bear. Nothing happens. The bear laughs and hides again. “There’s no way I can kill it”, Davy said. He kicks a tree in frustration and a hive falls from it. “There’s my weapon!”. Davy kicks the tree again and hits the hive with precision so it strikes the bear violently. The bear is finally hurt, his helmet has fallen and bees attacks him from every side. Now you can finish him!


And it’s done, Davy faced all the forest animals, and survived their attacks. But what’s gonna happen now? You’ll have to find out by taking control of Davy in Kawaii Killer’s forest!


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Kawaii Killer: the frog

frog_presentationDo you think it’s over for our courageous Davy? Not yet! Even though this game has Japanese influence, our french pride remains… so following some heavy rainfall, the Frog arrives!


But what can Davy do to this one? He knows he must take care of the frog to keep his meat tender. But how can he do it properly? “I know”, said Davy, “For my fifth birthday, my dad gave me a Retractor! I remember it as if it were yesterday… Spending all day catching frogs and opening them with my very own retractor. So much fun… And so yummy!”.

After this flashback, Davy takes his new weapon and approaches the frog. “It’s easy to use” he remembers his father saying, “one finger on the left cheek, another on the right, and… OPEN!”. Magnifique !

A bit of salt and pepper, sacrebleu que c’est bon !

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Kawaii Killer: The snake


Davy was only catching his breath when this bosss-sss-sss (hum, sorry, let’s try again…), when the forest guardian blocked his way: the Snake! Fast and sneaky, this one won’t let himself be hit by any weapon. Davy tried everything: the hammer, katana, chainsaw, shotgun… nothing worked, and he was losing all hope. That’s when he thought of his old friend Franz Mesmer and thus, found the solution to defeat this fiend.


If you cannot hurt something physically, hurt it mentally! It was so obvious that Davy wonders why he did not think of it before! Snatch your hypnotic pendulum from your front pocket and start to wave it to the snake, doing circles around his head. Wonderful, the snake is in your control! Do not let it go, make circles until the snake is nauseous and vomits his guts out. Well done! Now you know that physical violence is not always the best violence. Yes, Kawaii Killer also likes to educate!

See you next week for more susss-sss-sspense!

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Kawaii Killer: The Alpha test session in numbers


During the cool months of January and February, 40 lucky hunters were invited to test Kawaii Killer, the game on tablets and smartphones. Needless to say that our kawaiinimals were not safe! 1,204 games were started, and 158 of them were finished. The FAP (Forest Animals Protection) is sad to announce the massacre of 300,000 animals, leaving only 6,000 survivors agile enough to escape the apprentice trappers (porcupines not included). Speaking of porcupines, they were hit 1,250 times. In its report, FAP reassures itself by counting nearly 20,000 missed hammer hits, 6,500 katana strokes hitting wind, and 2,700 chainsaws started for nothing. A special mention for the wolf, who parried 700 hits using his metal plate! Bravo le loup !

See you next time for the next kawaiinimals!

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Kawaii Killer: The Wolf

animals_presentationThere are those who believe that our brave hunter Davy is the most evil being in the forest. It is said he loves violence and uses it without limits to kill defenceless animals with powerful weapons. “They’re wrong!”, claim our experts, Maester Perrault and Maester La Fontaine. In the woods, there is something far more evil than Davy, the Wolf. It’s only noon and it has already bitten a lamb, eaten two little piggies, and swallowed a grandmother and an odd girl with a red hood. Where is the Forest Police?? Do not be afraid, Davy will take care of this one with his Hammer.


Do you remember that to kill foxes, you have to tap on the phone relentlessly? The wolf is similar, but he has a defence, he puts a metal plate over his head. It is impossible to hit him while he’s protected, so wait for it to remove it before taking your hammer out!

See you next week to continue the marvellous hunt!

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Kawaii Killer: The Raccoon


Now that Davy is deep in the woods, he wonders if there are any evolved creatures to slice here. He remembers a tale his grandfather used to tell when he was a child (it was yesterday). Deep in the woods, where no man has ever stuck around, lives a tribe of martial Raccoons. These creatures are so powerful they can put down the mightiest foe of all: The bear. Davy unsheathes his katana and slices the raccoon with all his strength. Woosh! The raccoon’s still standing, he’s evaded the hit and Davy’s blade has just cut some air.


So how do you kill it? The tale said that the raccoon was so proud and arrogant that he always left a clue revealing his weak spot. That’s it! There’s an arrow on his headband! Just slice it following the arrows direction and the raccoon will fall like a simple rabbit.

The Mighty Raccoon legend has fallen, Davy’s one continues. Come back next week to find out how it goes.

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Kawaii Killer: The skunk


Davy’s back and he’s ready to go further into the forest. Wait, what’s that smell? Is it a landfill? A swamp creature? A polecat? No, it’s a Skunk which just let go of some gas! Because your device cannot generate odour, we had to find a way to transcript this smell: a green cloud will invade your screen if you let the skunk live too long. So be quick and kill it!


“How do I kill it?”, you ask… Just find a rope, a gallows and hang him right there! Don’t have a gallows? Just hang him on a solid branch. Draw a circle around the head to delicately pass the rope around its neck. And voilà, you just have to watch it swing while choking itself. It’s cruel, but isn’t nature cruel?


See you next week for the next cute foe!

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Kawaii Killer: The Armadillo

armadillo A new challenger arrived: the mighty armadillo! This second boss is full of confidence due to its shell. It cannot be broken, it says. Please take out your saw and show this creature every carapace can be sawn! Slide it horizontally until its entrails are visible, and this one will no longer be able to praise its shell. Patience will be your main ally (after the saw), but beware of the other animals, they will still come out to annoy you.


See you next week with Davy the lumberjack apprentice and two new animals!



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