Kawaii Killer: The Wolf

animals_presentationThere are those who believe that our brave hunter Davy is the most evil being in the forest. It is said he loves violence and uses it without limits to kill defenceless animals with powerful weapons. “They’re wrong!”, claim our experts, Maester Perrault and Maester La Fontaine. In the woods, there is something far more evil than Davy, the Wolf. It’s only noon and it has already bitten a lamb, eaten two little piggies, and swallowed a grandmother and an odd girl with a red hood. Where is the Forest Police?? Do not be afraid, Davy will take care of this one with his Hammer.


Do you remember that to kill foxes, you have to tap on the phone relentlessly? The wolf is similar, but he has a defence, he puts a metal plate over his head. It is impossible to hit him while he’s protected, so wait for it to remove it before taking your hammer out!

See you next week to continue the marvellous hunt!

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