Kawaii Killer: The snake


Davy was only catching his breath when this bosss-sss-sss (hum, sorry, let’s try again…), when the forest guardian blocked his way: the Snake! Fast and sneaky, this one won’t let himself be hit by any weapon. Davy tried everything: the hammer, katana, chainsaw, shotgun… nothing worked, and he was losing all hope. That’s when he thought of his old friend Franz Mesmer and thus, found the solution to defeat this fiend.


If you cannot hurt something physically, hurt it mentally! It was so obvious that Davy wonders why he did not think of it before! Snatch your hypnotic pendulum from your front pocket and start to wave it to the snake, doing circles around his head. Wonderful, the snake is in your control! Do not let it go, make circles until the snake is nauseous and vomits his guts out. Well done! Now you know that physical violence is not always the best violence. Yes, Kawaii Killer also likes to educate!

See you next week for more susss-sss-sspense!

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