Kawaii Killer: The skunk


Davy’s back and he’s ready to go further into the forest. Wait, what’s that smell? Is it a landfill? A swamp creature? A polecat? No, it’s a Skunk which just let go of some gas! Because your device cannot generate odour, we had to find a way to transcript this smell: a green cloud will invade your screen if you let the skunk live too long. So be quick and kill it!


“How do I kill it?”, you ask… Just find a rope, a gallows and hang him right there! Don’t have a gallows? Just hang him on a solid branch. Draw a circle around the head to delicately pass the rope around its neck. And voilà, you just have to watch it swing while choking itself. It’s cruel, but isn’t nature cruel?


See you next week for the next cute foe!

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