Kawaii Killer: The Raccoon


Now that Davy is deep in the woods, he wonders if there are any evolved creatures to slice here. He remembers a tale his grandfather used to tell when he was a child (it was yesterday). Deep in the woods, where no man has ever stuck around, lives a tribe of martial Raccoons. These creatures are so powerful they can put down the mightiest foe of all: The bear. Davy unsheathes his katana and slices the raccoon with all his strength. Woosh! The raccoon’s still standing, he’s evaded the hit and Davy’s blade has just cut some air.


So how do you kill it? The tale said that the raccoon was so proud and arrogant that he always left a clue revealing his weak spot. That’s it! There’s an arrow on his headband! Just slice it following the arrows direction and the raccoon will fall like a simple rabbit.

The Mighty Raccoon legend has fallen, Davy’s one continues. Come back next week to find out how it goes.

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