Kawaii Killer: Gotta get ’em all!


Do you have what it takes to collect everything Kawaii Killer has to offer? Improve your skills and try to unlock every single badge in the game!

“What’s a badge?” you ask. It’s simple, when you complete an achievement, you get a badge! For example, the “My mom does it too” badge is unlocked when beating the game’s Arcade mode on the Easy difficulty, while the “Sick hunter” badge demands you to kill 200 animals in a row without anyone escaping. But that’s not all! In Kawaii Killer, you can equip your badges and use them in the game! Simply drag’n’drop up to 3 badges in the equipment zone, and the game rules will change and effects will be added, so the game can be easier or even harder. An example? Take this badge you’ll win if you kill 500 skunks, “Gas mask“. When this one is equipped, all skunk farts will be less powerful. And that’s only one badge out of 47 badges to unlock!

trophies_screen_presentationSee you next time for more Kawaii Killer news!

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