Kawaii Killer: the frog

frog_presentationDo you think it’s over for our courageous Davy? Not yet! Even though this game has Japanese influence, our french pride remains… so following some heavy rainfall, the Frog arrives!


But what can Davy do to this one? He knows he must take care of the frog to keep his meat tender. But how can he do it properly? “I know”, said Davy, “For my fifth birthday, my dad gave me a Retractor! I remember it as if it were yesterday… Spending all day catching frogs and opening them with my very own retractor. So much fun… And so yummy!”.

After this flashback, Davy takes his new weapon and approaches the frog. “It’s easy to use” he remembers his father saying, “one finger on the left cheek, another on the right, and… OPEN!”. Magnifique !

A bit of salt and pepper, sacrebleu que c’est bon !

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