Kawaii Killer: Foxes and Rabbits


Our young trapper Davy will have a lot to do with those two! Those are the first animals encountered in Kawaii Killer, ready to jump out of their holes to meet their fate.

To hunt the fox, only one method, quick but efficient: tap on it with a hammer! Don’t rush to your toolbox right away, a simple quick tap on the screen will suffice to put the poor fox out of its misery. But don’t think it’ll be easy, because while time passes, the fox pack grows and more and more foxes will appear! And you’ll lose a heart for each fox escaping your hits.


For the rabbit, be ready to unsheathe your katana! Simply swipe your finger on it and watch it be sliced à la Kill Bill. But be careful, if you try to tap the rabbit like it’s a fox, you’ll lose another precious heart!

See you next week for two new cute animals!


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