Kawaii Killer: Birds and Bats


Davy, our young hunter, has been overcrowded by cute animals, methodically killing each one of them. But another great menace watched over him from the skies. Imagine dozens of birds flying at you, as if Alfred Hitchcock himself was hiding in the woods. Davy’s old shotgun is rusty and slow to reload, so he opted for a new toy: the Gatling gun. Its cyclic multi-barrel will create some new holes in these birds. Just touch a bird, follow its movement and watch bloody feathers fall graciously.


And it’s not over yet! When the night comes, the bat wakes up and wants to play too. No, it’s not a disguised billionaire going out at night to beat clowns, but an authentic chiroptera. Davy, as all the members of Tabemasu Games, has received ninja training. So he knows how to handle shurikens, and he has plenty of them! Just swipe your finger onto the bat to slice it!


See you next week for new adventures (and Happy New Year)!

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