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Tribute to Grant Kirkhope

Last week, we paid tribute to On, the creator of EyezMaze, for his game Tontie Hammer, the main inspiration for the gameplay of Kawaii Killer. Today, we’d like to focus on the music. We did not make the sounds alone, we worked with Audioplum Studio for the sound design. We had already worked with them for the prototype of the […]

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Hommage à Grant Kirkhope

La semaine dernière, nous avions rendu un hommage à On d’EyezMaze, grâce à Tontie Hammer, l’inspiration principale du gameplay de Kawaii Killer. Aujourd’hui, nous aimerions nous intéresser à la musique. Nous ne nous sommes pas personnellement occupé de la musique, nous avons sous-traité ça au studio indépendant lyonnais Audioplum Studio. Ils avaient déjà œuvré sur le prototype […]

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Tribute to On (EyezMaze)

In the art of video-games, like many others, we look for inspiration from the games, movies, books we like. We take the best, get rid of the rest, and mix everything with other interesting concepts found here and there. Finally, we add our touch and balance everything to make the result consistent. Today, Tabemasu Games […]

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Hommage à On (EyezMaze)

Dans le jeu-vidéo comme ailleurs, on s’inspire des autres pour en fin de compte faire quelque chose d’original. On prend des idées à partir de jeux, de films, de livres que l’on aime. On prend le meilleur, on enlève le reste, et on mixe ça à d’autres concepts intéressants trouvés deci delà. Pour finir, on rajoute notre petite patte […]

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Kawaii Killer Plushy Edition is released!

Finally, Kawaii Killer comes back to the AppStore, so Apple fans will be able to play the entire game and enjoy its Arcade mode, Challenges and Speedrun mode! It’s available on the iPhone, iPad and even the iPod Touch! And for those who possess an Android tablet or smartphone, even though the original gore version is still […]

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Kawaii Killer comes back on the AppStore on October 2nd!

Kawaii Killer Plushy Edition will be out soon! This is the soft version of our original game, Kawaii Killer. We created this version because Apple removed it from the AppStore 5 days after its first release. In Kawaii Killer Plushy Edition, the animals have been replaced by evil plushies, and you have to destroy all […]

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Kawaii Killer revient sur l’AppStore le 2 Octobre !

Kawaii Killer Plushy Edition va enfin sortir ! Il s’agit de la version “soft” de notre jeu initial, Kawaii Killer. Nous avons créé cette version édulcorée car Apple a retiré la version gore de l’AppStore 5 jours après sa sortie. Dans Kawaii Killer Plushy Edition, les animaux ont été remplacés par des peluches diaboliques qu’il faut occire pour […]

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Kawaii Killer censored by Apple

Today’s a bad day for Tabemasu Games: Our first and only game, Kawaii Killer, just got removed from the AppStore less than a week after its release. The reasons stated to me by mail and phone are that “The app concept is not appropriate for the App Store in its current state” and “Killing adorable animals does […]

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Challenges are late on iOS

For those who bought Kawaii Killer on iOS, you may have noticed that some features were missing, like challenges. Don’t worry, it’s normal! You just have an old version of the game. The reason is simple: Apple rejected the newest version of our game because of “realistic images of people or animals being killed“, even […]

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Retard des challenges sur iOS

Pour ceux et celles qui auraient acheté le Kawaii Killer sur iOS et qui ne comprendraient pas pourquoi il manque des features (notamment les challenges), ne vous inquiétez pas ! Vous avez une ancienne version du jeu, qui date de plusieurs semaines. La raison est simple : Apple a rejeté la nouvelle version de notre […]

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