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Kawaii Killer censored by Apple

Today’s a bad day for Tabemasu Games: Our first and only game, Kawaii Killer, just got removed from the AppStore less than a week after its release. The reasons stated to me by mail and phone are that “The app concept is not appropriate for the App Store in its current state” and “Killing adorable animals does […]

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Challenges are late on iOS

For those who bought Kawaii Killer on iOS, you may have noticed that some features were missing, like challenges. Don’t worry, it’s normal! You just have an old version of the game. The reason is simple: Apple rejected the newest version of our game because of “realistic images of people or animals being killed“, even […]

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Kawaii Killer on the App Store and Google Play!

You wanted it? Here it is! Kawaii Killer is available on the Appstore and Google Play for your smartphones and tablets! Kawaii Killer is an intuitive & fun game taking place in an environment where super cute graphics meets cartoon gore. You are Davy, a young trapper killing every single cute animal in the Kawaii […]

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