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Tabemasu Games wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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Kawaii Killer: Mr Wildboar

In every video game, there’s a huge, scary, and heavy beast blocking the path: the boss. In Kawaii Killer, the first boss is the wildboar. Do not be fooled by its cute face and big round eyes, this one has a hard head and won’t let you go easily! What can Davy use on this […]

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Kawaii Killer: Tortoises and Porcupines

Let’s go further into the woods, and meet the tortoise with its strong shell. You need to be stronger against it. Let’s see… A chainsaw! Keep your finger on it and you’ll be able to see sparks coming out of its shell, followed by a beautiful explosion of blood. But keep your eyes on the […]

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Kawaii Killer: Foxes and Rabbits

Our young trapper Davy will have a lot to do with those two! Those are the first animals encountered in Kawaii Killer, ready to jump out of their holes to meet their fate. To hunt the fox, only one method, quick but efficient: tap on it with a hammer! Don’t rush to your toolbox right […]

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